Monday, August 22, 2011

Re-Moralising the Modern University

Steven Schwartz of Macquarie uni has been on a very public campaign to help us remember that "Education is, or should be, a moral enterprise."

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

National Symposium: Building bridges for historical learning.

A National Symposium

Building Bridges for historical learning: connecting teacher education and museum education.

28-29 March 2011

University of Canberra Convention Centre

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This symposium will start a conversation between teacher educators and museum educators. It is founded upon two premises:

  1. There is still work to be done in the understanding of history education. While we now know a lot about historical literacy and historical thinking, how we transfer these to the classroom is still not fully understood.
  2. Teacher educators and museum educators have traditionally not shared knowledge, even though they both work to promote historical learning.

The Symposium will:

  • · Facilitate connections between Museum Education and Teacher Education
  • · Share how each sector goes about teaching historical skills and understandings
  • · Understand how historical literacy and thinking are taught
  • · Improve the understanding of history education and its purpose
  • · Understand how artefacts are used to develop historical understanding
  • · Assist with decoding the discipline of history
  • · Assist with the development of the signature pedagogy of history
  • · Improve the quality of history education provided by schools, museums and other cultural institutions.

Who should attend?

Teacher Educators, Museum Educators, Interpreters and others interested in this topic are invited to prepare papers around this broad theme.

All papers will be grouped according to cross-disciplinary themes. It is anticipated that a selection of papers presented at the Symposium and arising from it will be invited to contribute to an edited book on the topic.

Due dates:

Submission of abstracts (no more than 400 words): Friday 17th December.

Full papers for refereeing (up to 4000 words): Friday 4th February

Full Papers (Non refereed - up to 4000 words): Friday 18th February

This symposium is proudly supported by:

Museums Australia Education National Network, Interpretation Australia Association, History Teachers Association Australia, Donald Horne Institute for Cultural Heritage