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Interested in Secondary Teaching?
Faculty of Education

A rewarding career in Secondary Teaching offers considerable job satisfaction and security. There is a shortage of secondary teachers Australia-wide.

We have a range of courses to suit your circumstances. On completion, you'll receive a recognised qualification that will make you a preferred candidate for secondary school positions.

I have no tertiary qualifications yet

Double Degrees

Why not take one of our new four-year double degrees?

These will give you an excellent qualification in an additional area of expertise recognised both within and outside the education system:

Combined Degrees (with the Australian National University)

You enrol at both UC and ANU, and you graduate from both UC and ANU with two degrees in four years!

Education (UC) / Science (ANU)

Education (UC) / Asia and Pacific Studies (ANU)

Specialised Degrees

We also offer four-year degrees in the following areas:

Secondary Teaching (Design and Technology)

Secondary Teaching (Health and Physical Education)

Secondary Teaching (Music)

These degrees also allow you to select a minor from a second area of teaching to broaden your skill base and employability in an age group where demand continues to be high.

I have a Bachelor's degree but I didn't major in subjects taught in secondary schools

You can take our two-year Bachelor of Education in Secondary Teaching (Graduate Entry) course which combines education units with a major suitable for a secondary teaching career.

I have a Bachelor's degree with an appropriate major for teaching, but no education qualifications

You can take our one-year Graduate Diploma of Education in Secondary Teaching.

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